High Noon is part of the [r]evolutionary, interactive and immersive exhibition concept
You are here:@///clouds.cuckoos.home, which is based on high-resolution photographs in sizes up to 4×6 metres with its own soundscapes.
For exhibitions, we use 3d audio headphone technology that interactively streams the respective soundscape to the viewer's headphones according to the viewer's location in the exhibition space and his or her viewing direction. In addition, we can also make the sounds physically perceptible.
Find out how our film scores, orchestrated by still images, work in the videos below.

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Music production: Stefan Kling, Dobel

Herbertstraße, Hamburg
Music production: Mathias Freimann, Hamburg

A tribute to John Coltrane, Angela Davis and Carleen Anderson

Dresden May 2021
Music production: Mathias Freimann & Stefan Kling

Zurich, April 2021
Music production: Mathias Freimann & Stefan Kling